Thumbprints of the bride and groom are now also required to be on the marriage register, but we will  take care of this on the day.

1.   A Form Bl 32A is required if either of you is under the age of 21.  (We will provide this form on the day)

2.   A Form Bl 31 must be completed if either of you does not have an SA ID Document.  (We will provide this form on the day)

3.   If either of you is divorced, a clear copy of the final decree of divorce is required.

4.   If either of you is a widower/widow, a clear copy of the death certificate is required.

5.   Clear copies of both your ID Documents/Passports are required.

6.   Clear copies of both witnesses ID Documents/Passports are required.

7.   Two ID photos of yourself and your partner

8.    In the case of ALL foreigners a Letter of No Impediment of a Letter of Statutory Declaration issued by your Home Office of the country of your origin is required.  This must reach us at least 6 weeks prior to your Civil Union.

We require all this documentation at least one week BEFORE the date of your Civil Union. The law stipulates that we CANNOT proceed with your Civil Union until we have all of the above documentation.