Fiona Briggs lives  in Ballito on the North Coast of Natal in South Africa, where she worked a Spiritual Counselor until recently.

Having developed her skills through various techniques both locally and internationally, she has built up a reputation as a sympathetic counselor with a regular, dedicated international and varied clientele.  She regularly consulted to highly influential people, entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, amongst others, as well as home executives, scholars, families etc and assisted them with key decisions, as well as provided advice on  steps they could take to enhance their lives on every level.  She traveled all over the world, on invitation,  running workshops and conducting private consultations.  She has since retired as a counselor to focus on her duties as a Civil Celebrant full-time.


Coming from a more Spiritual than Religious point of view, Fiona is accepting of all faiths and combinations thereof.

Naturally empathetic, Fiona’s sincerity and warmth will leave you feeling uplifted, empowered and very special.  

When not officiating  she enjoys painting and produces original art.

About Us

Rod Briggs has spent his entire life studying the Unseen aspects of life. From studies in Theology, this evolved into delivering regular sermons in both Anglican and Baptist Churches, to exploring the arcane world of esoteric traditions. He has great practical knowledge of Pagan customs from Alchemy to Zoroastrianism and teaches Philosophy on an international lecture circuit. This makes him uniquely qualified to officiate at marriages and civil unions no matter what belief system the celebrants embrace.

Rod Briggs brings with him warmth, humor and a touch of personalization that is equal to none. Based in KZN, Rod will travel to any location of your choice.  Coming from a more Spiritual than Religious point of view, Rod is accepting of all faiths and combination thereof.

He is a sought-after international lecturer and consultant whose area of expertise lies in Philosophy and the mind sciences.

In addition to this, Rod works as a highly respected mediator and consultant to corporations, families and private groups. When he speaks, hearts open, minds become inspired and people become motivated.  His teachings are gentle, fun and informative with entertaining stories, transformational wisdom and insights.  Rod also offers pre-marital counseling.

He is a frequent guest on local and international talk shows and when not traveling presenting seminars, talks and lectures, he resides on the Dolphin Coast of Natal.