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Marriage officer, Christening, funeral Marriage Officer, Christening, Funeral Christening Marriage Officer, Marriage Officiant Funeral Minister, pastor

Whether you are wanting to Christen your baby with a traditional Religious service or follow the modern trend with a Baby Naming Ceremony, are a straight or same-sex couple wanting a traditional wedding ceremony or something with a more modern non-religious  flare to it, renew your vows or  find yourself in the sad situation of having to say farewell to a loved one, as Durban’s Marriage Officer’s and Celebrants of choice, we offer a wide range of services for these occasions.

We offer our services country-wide.

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence and that is what we strive for.


Christening Funeral Minister


Christenings, Christening Minister

Traditional Christenings/ Baby Naming Ceremonies / Non-Religious Baby Welcoming Ceremonies / Alternative Ceremonies /

Marriage Officer, Marriage Officiant

Wedding ceremonies of all descriptions - Religious / Non-Religious / Traditional / Pagan / New-Age / Civil / Alternative / Renewal of Vows / Civil Unions (Same-sex marriages)

Funeral Minister

Funeral Services of all descriptions - Religious / Non-Religious / Traditional / Pagan / New-Age / Memorial Services / Alternative Services


Marriage Officer, Marriage Officiant Christening Marriage Officer, Marriage Officiant Funeral, Minister for funeral

Marriage Officers for Weddings / Civil Unions / Vow Renewals / Commitment Ceremonies

Celebrants for Baptisms / Baby Blessings/Christenings / Baby Naming Ceremonies

Family Blessings

House /Business Clearings/Blessings

Memorials / Funerals

Professionalism and top notch customer service to each and every client is key with us. During your complimentary consultations, we take the time to listen to your needs and wishes.   Consultations are carried out live in our offices, or via Skype or telephone.

You have the option to be hands on with every detail of planning your ceremony, or you may wish to give us an idea of what you want and we will plan it for you.

Any ceremony may be adapted to fit your belief system:

Spiritual / Religious



Marriage Officer Marriage Officer Marriage Officer Marriage Officer Marriage Officer

Why Suffer the indignity of a Home Affairs Wedding?

Let us legally marry you instead!

For the couple who want a quick, inexpensive wedding without guests or ceremony, but don't want the indignity of being married at Home Affairs. We will provide the exact same service to you as Home Affairs would, but in a more dignified manner.  A 15-minute signing of documents and saying of the legal stuff at our office only (You will need to bring two witnesses).  No pomp and ceremony - strictly limited to the barest legal minimum.  Includes filing of marriage documents at Home Affairs and a South African Marriage Certificate issued to you on the day of the marriage.

Marriages and Civil Unions

Call 0798870236 DURING OFFICE  HOURS ONLY PLEASE or email us at