Master of Ceremonies, Marriage Offician Master of Ceremonies, Marriage Offician Master of Ceremonies

Whether you refer to them as the MC (or Emcee), Master (or Mistress) of Ceremonies, or Programme Director, the role is the same.  A professional compere or host, at any event, can, and usually does, make all the difference in terms of the perceived flow of its proceedings. And how do you know whether a person will be a good MC or merely an adequate one? Or worse still, totally inappropriate?

Experience counts for so much when it comes to this sort of work.  One of the prime considerations, is the experience that an MC has. It’s all very well having a famous face, but that doesn’t automatically mean that you can entertain a crowd and keep the level of interaction at just the right pitch. The talent of the individual  and the level of client satisfaction feedback that follows every event is taken very much into account.

There are also many other considerations such as: how good is the Master of ceremonies or that person at ad-libbing ? After all, many events require this particular skill from the host; or would the client like an MC (master of ceremonies) who can also entertain ?  

Experience, a love of people and most importantly, the ability to meet the client’s objective and the mood of the audience.  So many considerations – but with Rod Briggs on your side, it doesn’t need to be difficult.

One of South Africa and Ireland’s busiest conference speakers,  Rod Briggs is a sought-after international lecturer and consultant whose area of expertise lies in the mind sciences. He  lectures on Stress Control, Trauma, Emotional Aptitude, Problem Solving, Interpersonal Relationships, Crisis Management, Personal Performance, Situation Awareness and Psycho-Neuro Immunology (to mention a few) to government departments, military and peace keeping forces, members of the medical fraternity, health departments, corporate and private groups from all over the world.  

In addition to this, Rod works as a highly respected mediator and consultant to corporations, families and private groups. When he speaks, hearts open, minds become inspired and people become motivated.  His teachings and talks are gentle, fun and informative with entertaining stories, transformational wisdom and insights. Prior to establishing  the Mindlink Foundation, Rod gained extensive Corporate, Business and Development experience with multinational companies in retail and marketing.